OTTO Hotel & Sun, SPA procedūras


Heal the Body, Free the Mind!

Our proximity to the sea inspires everything from our way of life to our spa treatments. OTTO’s skilful specialists use French origin PHYTOMER line of spa products in our wellness services and spa treatments. For nearly 50 years PHYTOMER has been transforming the sea into modern skincare to effectively reveal your natural, authentic, vibrant beauty. Wherever you come from and wherever you’re going, you can take the purity of the sea with you.

SPA Procedures


At OTTO Hotel & Sun we are true to the tradition of healing and cleansing your body through a sauna ritual. Traditional Finnish sauna and Salt Room with heated bench will provide the needed warmth, moisture and preventative care in our climate.

The traditional Finnish sauna (70-90°C) will relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation and affect positively your good-night- sleep. In the Salt Room, where micro-particles of salt are sprayed in the air, you can relax on the heated bench while the lungs and the entire respiratory system are cleansed of bacteria and allergens. Salt therapy will improve the health of your skin.