OTTO Hotel & Sun in Pavilosta

Sleep by OTTO

Don´t Worry if You Sleep in!

We are honest with you – although our hotel rooms are not that spacious, they are comfortable and stylish with a Nordic touch. The 18-25 sqm of cosy space accommodate ultra-comfy beds that can be customized to your preferred setup, whether you crave to cuddle or keep on your own. Our soft, 100% cotton bedsheets give every reason to sleep in and even if you do so, a warm morning drink is available anytime – all our hotel rooms feature tea facilities, and coffee is available anytime at the reception. No matter the time of day or night, a fresh breath of sea breeze is just a step away – most of our rooms feature a balcony or a terrace – perfect for star-gazing or people-watching in the busy fishing port.

Naturally beside above, we provide all in-room everyday conveniences including WIFI, TV, minibar with sparkling and still water, tea making facility with a selection of teas, bathrobes, bathroom toiletries and even a powerful hairdryer.

All OTTO`s guests are treated to a hearty and healthy breakfast and the Wine Hour is on the house. We also welcome you to enjoy the water and Sun at OTTO`s SPA area.

OTTO COZY rooms are located on the first floor of the building, streetside, facing the river Saka. We offer this room type for guests travelling with pets.

OTTO Hotel & Sun features 16 OTTO COZY rooms with balcony or terrace. One pair of rooms featuring a terrace, and two pairs of rooms with a balcony can be connected in-between, making them convenient for families with two or three children, or a group of friends.

Four OTTO COMFORT rooms with a garden view are more spacious (25 sqm) that allow for placement of up to two extra beds for children. Two OTTO COMFORT rooms are located in the historical Tīklu house, and are suitable if you wish to be in a more remote location. Please note that stairs to these rooms are steep.

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