OTTO Hotel & Sun, SPA procedūras

SPA Procedures

Phytomer procedures

Detox body wrapping procedure, 60 min. (EUR 75) – Perfectly effective entire body wrapping in seaweed, combined with a relaxing massage. Body sculpting and detoxifying effect.

OLIGOMER® SPA body contouring procedure, 90 min. (EUR 95) – Deeply relaxing, energy regenerating procedure of full body peeling and massage. Provides a new sensory experience thanks to the legendary OLIGOMER® marine ingredient. Excellent skin remineralisation and strengthening.

Phytomer modeling body wrap with a warming mud, 90min, (95Eur) – The procedure includes body scrubbing with a toning body scrub, followed by body wrapping in a warming mud mask. Detoxifying, toning, rejuvenating procedure for the whole body.

Moisturising facial treatment with organic algae, 60 min (EUR 70) – Thanks to the organic ingredients used, the gentle textures of the products and the relaxing massage, the skin becomes smooth, nourished, radiant and well-rested. Restores and revitalises dehydrated and pale skin.

Moisturising facial treatment for men, 60 min. (EUR 70) – During the procedure, products of the PHYTOMER HOMME line are used, which have been selected for moisturising and rejuvenating the skin. Specially designed and suitable skincare for men.

Cleansing and rejuvenating facial treatment for skin affected by environment pollution, 60 min. (EUR 70) – Moisturises and improves facial skin colour, eliminates signs of fatigue. The skin regains its freshness and natural radiance. For normal and oily skin.

Anti-ageing facial treatment, 60 min. (EUR 75) – Strengthens the face oval, smoothes fine lines. The skin becomes firmer and more radiant. Gives skin a youthful look.

Rejuvenating express procedure for the face, 40 min. (EUR 60) – The skin enjoys intense moisturisation, it regains well-being, becomes firm, fresh and relaxed.

Touch of nature, 90 min (100Eur) – body and face massage with herbal bags. An aromatic detox procedure that frees the body and mind.

OTTO massages

Relaxing massage for children, 45 min. (EUR 50) – Relaxing massage for the youngest visitors of OTTO.

Classic body massage, 60 min. (EUR 70), 90 min. (EUR 90) – Strengthens the body and relaxes the mind. Oil aromas of your choice.

Relaxing body massage, 60 min. (EUR 70), 90 min. (EUR 90) – Relaxing massage with lavender oil. Relaxes muscles and removes stress.

Lymphatic drainage body manual massage, 60 min. (EUR 70), 90 min. (EUR 90) – Toning body massage with grapefruit oil. Promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastane in the skin cells. Improves lymphatic and circulatory function.

Amber massage, 60 min. (EUR 70), 90 min. (EUR 90) – Special body massage with amber oil. Amber powder, in combination with natural oils, has skin rejuvenating properties. It slows down the skin ageing processes and stimulates skin regeneration.

Back massage, 45 min. (EUR 55) – Massage for tired and tense shoulders and back.

Head and shoulder massage, 45 min. (EUR 55) – Relaxing massage that relieves tension in the shoulder area and promotes blood circulation.

Leg massage, 45 min. (EUR 55) – Massage that relieves the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

Foot massage, 30 min. (EUR 50) – Massage for your foundation of well-being and support – for your feet.

Seasonal massages

Full body massage 60 min (70Eur) or 90min (90Eur). Strenghtening body massage in the autumn, warming body massage in the winter, rejuvenating body massage in the spring and moisturizing massage in the summer – we offer massages in all seasons. According to the client’s wishes, the relevant body oils are selected. We offer grapefruit, amber, lavender, chamomile, mint, green tea, lily, pine oils.

Invigorating body massage (autumn) – Prepare for the chilly autumn with OTTO invigorating pine oil massage. Pine essential oil contains vitamins that help the skin to restore the development of collagen, improve blood circulation, have a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, and improve the skin’s protective properties.

Warming body massage (winter) – During the darkest and coldest part of the year OTTO will help you warm up with an energising, warming massage. It will prevent dry skin and provide the skin with the necessary vitamins.

Rejuvenating body massage (spring) – Rejuvenates your energy with invigorating OTTO spring massage. The natural oils used in the massage cleanse, moisturise and nourish the skin, making it smooth and firm.

Moisturising body massage after the sun (summer) – Gentle, moisturising and soothing OTTO massage for sun-kissed skin. Softens, nourishes and tones the skin after sunbathing.

All season massages are available all year round.

Red light therapy

For skin health. For skin rejuvenation and revitalisation.

  • First time: 6 min. (EUR 15)
  • Repeated visit: 12 min. (EUR 25)
  • Regular visit: 20 min. (EUR 35)

For muscle function and regeneration. Effects of red light on deep tissues, muscles and organs..

  • First time: 10 min. (EUR 25)
  • Repeated visit: 20 min. (EUR 35)