Seasonal umpkin-carrot cream soup with goat’s cheese cream and chilli oil  8 Eur
Clear local fish broth with salmon, white fish and mussels, grilled peppers, fennel and celery  12 Eur


Goat’s cheese in puff pastry with spinach and beetroot puree  12 Eur
Crispy chicken fillet salad with blue cheese dressing, cranberries and caramelised pear 12 Eur
Beef carpaccio with arugula, truffle cheese, hazelnuts and chilli mayonnaise  15 Eur
Salted local sprat in cheese dough basket with quail egg, herb cream cheese  5 Eur
Deep fried herring from gulf of Riga in beer batter, tartar sauce, grilled lemon and black salt 9 Eur
Salmon tartare with capers, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, pickled onions and dill oil  12 Eur
Wine plate for two – medium mature and brie cheese, prosciutto, cranberries in port wine, onion jam and cheese crackers 17 Eur


Spinach-potato gnocchi with horseradish sauce, hazelnuts and chilli oil 13 Eur
Caramelised local root vegetables with beetroot puree, herb emulsion (1,3,7,8) 13 Eur
Pasta tagliatelle with slow-cooked chicken fillet in cream sauce and spinach (1,3,7) 15 Eur
Duck breast with pumpkin puree, quinoa and lingonberry demi glace (7) 18 Eur
“Savvaļas Medījumi” venison fillet with juniper grilled vegetables and red wine-broth sauce (7) 29 Eur
Rainbow trout preserved in herbs with grilled vegetables, citrus gel (4,7) 16 Eur
Local fish of the day, ask the waiter


Crème brûlée with tonka bean, vanilla and cranberries in port wine 6 Eur
Dark chocolate fondant with beetroot, vanilla ice cream  8 Eur
OTTO Napoleon with chicory cream and cranberries  8 Eur



Pasta penne with chicken in a sweet cream sauce (7 Eur)
Chicken strips
with baby potatoes and fresh vegetables (7 Eur)
Breaded cod nuggets with mixed leaf salad (7 Eur)
Belgian waffle
with berries, ice cream and chocolate sauce (7 Eur)
Vanilla ice cream
with chocolate sauce and caramelized oats (5 Eur)