• Grilled Jaunpils cheese ligonberry jam, rocket and quinoa (VEGETARIAN) Vegan option without cheese but fermented pumpkin (VEGAN) (10 Eur)
  • Smocked mackerel tapas quail egg, horseradish cream cheese (4 Eur)
  • Beef carpaccio with arugula, semi-hard cheese and sun-dried cherry tomatoes (16 Eur)
  • Homemade meat plater (for 2 people)  home made roast beef, basturma and local sausages or smocked meats (16 Eur)
  • Selection of Kurzemes cheeses (for 2 people) Nīca and Jaunpils cheeses, lingonberry jam, cheese crackers, (VEGETARIAN) (16 Eur)
  • Baltick fish broth soup zander,  arctic char and smocked mackerel (12 Eur)
  • Potatoe dumplings with chive cream and kale chips (10 Eur)


  • Creamy pasta Tagliatelle with Vidzeme’s chicken fillet, spinach and sun-dried cherry tomatoes (16 Eur)
  • Kazdanga’s Beef sirloin steak with grilled vegetables, potato frites and slow-cooked beef broth sauce (29 Eur)
  • Baltic Arctic Char with cauliflower puree, lemongrass honey caramelized roots and citrus-butter sauce(18 Eur)
  • Zander grown in Latvia with pumpkin puree, fennel salad and black radish sauce (17 Eur)
  • Ventava’s pork belly with caramelized cabbage puree, fermented pumpkin and cranberry demi-glace sauce(16 Eur)
  • Caramelized vegetables in quince syrup with Jerusalem artichoke puree and nut (12 Eur)


  • Destructed honey cake with cranberry gel, honey cream and buckwheat popcorn (7 Eur)
  • Poached apple with sea buckthorn parfait and ginger crumble  (6 Eur)
  • Dark chocolate fondant with hazelnut praline and sour cream ice cream (7 Eur)


Battered cod, potato purée or deep fried potatoes, sour cream and greens sauce (7 Eur)
Breaded chicken, potato purée or deep fried potatoes, ketchup    (7 Eur)
Penne pasta, chicken in cream sauce, hard cheese (6 Eur)
Belgian waffle, chocolate or vanilla ice-cream, caramel or chocolate sauce (6 Eur)
Ice-cream 2 scoops – chocolate, vanilla or both, caramelised oat flakes, berries (5 Eur)

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