• Cold tomato soup mangetout peas, red onion, fresh salted cucumber, (VEGAN) (7 Eur)
  • Trout tartare cucumber, capers, wild garlic oil (12 Eur)
  • Smoked mackerel tapas cream cheese with chives, home-baked bread (4 Eur)
  • Grilled cheese rhubarb-ginger chutney, rocket and cedar nuts (VEGETARIAN) (10 Eur)
  • Beef carpaccio chilli aioli, truffle oil, hazelnuts, hard cheese (16 Eur)
  • Home meat plate (for 2 people) meat and sausages from home producers, roast beef, fresh salted cucumbers, caraway sticks (16 Eur)
  • Selection of cheeses (for 2 people) Nīca and Jaunpils cheeses, rhubarb jam, cheese crackers, (VEGETARIAN) (16 Eur)
  • Burrata cheese salad with asparagus, sundried tomatoes and pesto (14 Eur)


  • Cod filet with spinach purée, broccoli and sweetcorn sauce (18 Eur)
  • Beef sirloin steak (250 g), deep fried potatoes, leaf salad and Chimichurri Sauce(28 Eur)
  • Oven-roasted arctic char fillet cauliflower purée, asparagus, citrus-butter sauce (18 Eur)
  • Lamb kebab with wild rice, grilled vegetables and red wine-rozmaryn sauce (18 Eur)
  • Beef burger deep fried potatoes, mustard-egg mayonnaise (16 Eur)
  • Seasonal vegetable plate sorghum, garlic croquette, poke sauce (VEGAN) (14 Eur)


  • Fresh strawberry yoghurt cake peppermint gel, fresh berries, (VEGAN) (7 Eur)
  • Warm rhubarb cake green tea ice-cream, ash crumble          (7 Eur)
  • Honey mead rye bread rye bread, sour cream, red currant jam  (6 Eur)


Battered cod, potato purée or deep fried potatoes, sour cream and greens sauce (7 Eur)

Breaded chicken, potato purée or deep fried potatoes, ketchup    (7 Eur)

Penne pasta, chicken in cream sauce, hard cheese (6 Eur)

Belgian waffle, chocolate or vanilla ice-cream, caramel or chocolate sauce (6 Eur)

Ice-cream 2 scoops – chocolate, vanilla or both, caramelised oat flakes, berries (5 Eur)

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